Essentially this is propaganda against disabled teenagers who did little more than tell a few other disabled teenagers to "die" or "kill themselves" while feeling justified about their beliefs.

Though they were extreme and hurt several people in the process, most receipts regarding any of them are poorly backed up and no facts play a part in it.

The person who created said call-out post for Kitsu was called out for pretending to be AMAB Intersex, Japanese, a trans-feminine person, and supposedly malingering, though it's unsure if the last piece was simply due to bias on YBC's account or if their was factual evidence backing this up. Though, it was stated late in 2016 that Kitsu confirmed to be factious about herself being Intersex, Japanese, and Latino, though with photographic evidence showed she is in fact a person of color. She had already shown in early 2015 e-mails from a professional relating to her diagnosis of DID.

The person who called out Satoko similarly seemed to come out of no where with little to no receipts, calling her out on counts of sexual abuse, though even in the few receipts gathered it seems that they have none pertaining to sexual abuse, rather just come on's that weren't prompted. Though, let it be shown that there is nothing explicitly stating fear, absence of consent, so on so forth. Friends of Satoko can confirm she has proven she is professionally diagnosed and treated for DID, as well as her mother being non-white.

Any allegations that relate to both Mio and Shion are false. Both of their stories are consistent aside from mild white-lies, and both have shown evidence of being true to their situations.

This is an issue from 2014 that was never handled properly. But perhaps you should consider being a little less bias, and basing every allegation on this group of disabled, autistic teenagers (they are still teenagers, even in 2017) as truth, only because they had hurt your feelings. They are different people now, with different interests, names, pronouns, and social groups. They are people that would willingly and whole-hardheartedly apologize to each legitimate case of allegations.

All of these people, too, had their privacy and safety wildly invaded in a sickening way, and were isolated without the option to defend themselves without being harshly reprimanded and told they were lying, even with adequate proof of all of the things they say. In opinion of the writer, this entire case was done out of spite and pettiness.

Comment with a verified account if you would like more information, such as the proof I'm willing to provide.

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